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Design commercial kitchen layout

Design commercial kitchen layout

Define what type of equipment, your site shape and size, structure, connections, and location type. Design, file and approve, hire and manage subcontractors. Small to large restaurants, deli, supermarkets, institutional facilities, religious facilities, hotel restaurant with bar kitchens, and corporate.
Food establishment layouts include a floorplan, mechanical drawings for commercial kitchen hoods, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, and other equipment. Also plan drawings for plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, storage, and HVAC.

Select the right equipment

Save big when shopping for your commercial kitchen equipment. Achieve maximum productivity by arranging equipment to create a seamless workflow.
Design documents list all of your commercial kitchen equipment, brands, types, and sizes. The equipment schedule is a part of architectural drawings when we file at your local building department.

Select the right equipmentSelect the right equipment

Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duck Exhaust System

Commercial Kitchen Hood

Upblast Fan


Make-up Air


Build commercial kitchen

Build commercial kitchen

We assemble and manage qualified commercial kitchen contractors including metal fabricators, exhaust installers, plumbing, HVAC, floor, walls, metal fabricators, and kitchen equipment installers.
We provide a construction schedule and all necessary architectural and shop drawings to all subcontractors. Quality assurance and team collaboration set the benchmark for success.

Design commercial kitchen hood

The commercial kitchen exhaust system includes stainless steel hood, ventilation fans, grease filters, duct with upblast fans and make-up air installed on the roof. Cooking equipment with smoke and heat are type I commercial vent hood. Open flame cooking such as griddles, fryers, ranges, smokers, and chargrills require exhaust system with fire suppression and sprinklers installed inside of the hood. Pizza ovens and bakery equipment do not require fire protection as for open flame type kitchen equipment. Type II ventilation hood goes over dishwashing machines and appliances that produce heat, moister, or products of combustion and do not produce grease or smoke such as steamers, kettles, and pasta cookers.

Design commercial kitchen hood

What is the address of your establishment?

Cooking equipment layout design

Save with planning floor plan layout of each equipment item. Architectural drawings include a full kitchen equipment schedule.

Commercial ranges

Grills & griddles

Commercial fryers

Commercial grills

Steam cooking equipment

Countertop ranges

Convection oven

Stock pot ranges

Pasta cookers

Panini grills

Pizza ovens

Bakery ovens

Commercial boilers

Commercial toasters

Commercial exhaust hoods

Cooking equipment layout design
Refrigeration equipment design

Refrigeration equipment design

Select the brand; type; and size that is right for you. Premium equipment for a cost-effective price.

Reach-in refrigeration

Merchandising refrigeration


Bar refrigeration

Refrigerated display cases

Ice machines

Walk-in refrigerator

Undercounter refrigerators

Undercounter freezers

Worktop refrigerators

Worktop freezers

Commercial chef bases

Sink & dishwasher layout design

Commercial sinks and dishwasher floor plan and plumbing connections drawings.

One compartment sink

Two compartment sink

Three compartment sink

Underbar sinks

Hand sinks

Janitorial sinks

Conveyor dishwasher

Single rack and double dishwasher

Glass washer machines

Condensate hood

Grease trap

Waste disposal equipment

Sink & dishwasher layout design

Holding & warming equipment design

We match client needs in the overall commercial kitchen design. Achieve efficiency and save on your budget.

Holding cabinets

Proofing cabinets

Steam tables

Food and soup wells

Cold food tables

Heat buffet tables

Countertop warmer

Heated display case

Strip warmers

Heat lamps

Drawer warmer

Beverage Equipment Design

The right equipment and tools laid out in the efficient increases the free flow of beverages.

Beverage dispensers

Soda fountain machine

Commercial coffee equipment

Juice bar equipment

Cappuccino & espresso machines

Frozen yogurt equipment

Beer dispensers

Refrigerated beverage dispenser

Slushy machine

Iced tea brewer

Underbar equipment

Wine storage