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Design & approve commercial hood

Design & approve commercial hood

All New York and New Jersey counties require commercial kitchen hood design and installation to be approved by the fire department before any installation begins. The process starts with a survey of your site to determine the optimum configuration of your equipment. All food establishments require to show full facility floorplan. Commercial kitchen layout also includes the list of all equipment, mechanical drawings for commercial hood and duck systems. Plumbing, HVAC, gas, and energy-saving drawings may be required depending on a site.

Choose the right hood type

The layout design of your commercial kitchen largely dictates the type of commercial hoods you can use. Type 1 hoods, commonly known as the grease exhaust hood, designed to remove smoke, heat, condensation, and other types of grease elements. Type 2 kitchen hoods are designed only for heat or moisture such as a dishwasher.
Open kitchen with flame cooking equipment requires fire suppression system. Pizza and bakery ovens do not require extensive fire protection. When the kitchen is separated by the wall from the seating area fire sprinklers' requirements are waived.

Choose the right hood typeChoose the right hood type

Commercial Kitchen Hood & Duck Exhaust System

Commercial Kitchen Hood

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Commercial kitchen hood installation

Commercial kitchen hood installation

Kitchen hood Installation can start after we file architectural drawings with the building department in your county or borough. Licensed installer and fabricator set up commercial exhaust and ventilation system. The exhaust hood is connected to grease duct, filtration system, filters, fire suppression and sprinkler system, duct, make-up air, and a heater system for winter zone.

Fabricate kitchen hood

Commercial hood fabrication entirely depends on the layout of your kitchen. Manufacture commercial kitchen hood exhaust system to specifications of your place and food establishment menu. The ventilation system comes in stainless steel with hood, filter, fans, duct, make-up air, and heater. Fire suppression and sprinkler system are built-in the hood.
Fabricate and install advanced commercial hood range systems. We provide drawings approved by building, fire and health departments. Find out more information contact us today!

Fabricate kitchen hood

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