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Design a functional cafeteria

Design a functional cafeteria

Whether new or renovating, the design process begins by defining the scope. From the small cafeterias, a buffet line, a food court to lunchrooms, school, and hospital cafeterias. Efficient layout for kitchen and speed line ensures cost-effective equipment and cafeteria line agility.
Energize your cafeteria seating area with the right furniture, wall design, ceiling, and floors.

Select the right equipment

Extensive cafeteria kitchen and local compliance code know-how save budget. We help you choose what type and brand of equipment you need. Architectural drawings include kitchen equipment layout, cafeteria equipment, mechanical drawings, and all other design documentation.
Construction and setup design documents facilitate effective general contractor hiring.

Select the right equipment

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Cafeteria interior design

Cafeteria interior design

Build an inviting, recharging atmosphere based on the client’s vision. Interior design layout with construction shop drawings ensures build to specifications result. Style schema includes furniture, decorations, wall graphics, lighting fixtures, custom ceilings, and wall architectural elements and murals.
Starting with the site survey and the interview defines the scope of work. Followed by architectural drawings filed with the building department. We manage vendors and subcontractors at every step.

Types of cafeteria lines

Define, design, document, file, hire, and manage subcontractors.

Electrical steam tables

Coldwell salad bars

Soup and chili bars

Cafeteria flat counters

Pizza hut tops

Condiment stations

School cafeteria lines

Fast food cafeteria lines

Office cafeteria lines

Hospital cafeteria lines

Grand buffet lines

Institutional facility cafeterias

Types of cafeteria lines

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