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Hire an interior designer

Hire an interior designer

Restaurant interior designer realizes a unique concept into the real-life experience. Achieve a balance between inviting ambiance and maximum seating capacity. We get to know your style and speak your language.
Architectural drawings convey interior design theme, floorplan, mechanical and all other blueprints. After structural build-outs, we deliver prefabricated and custom furniture, seating areas, decorative elements, lighting fixtures with all necessary shop drawings to finish the design to specification.

Select furniture & decor

Design, select and fabricate restaurant furniture. Capturing ideas and making them into reality with fine quality craftsmanship. A custom seating area, wall decorations, designer dividers, custom bar design, and construction sets us apart from the rest.
Create a welcoming environment with comfortable seating areas and achieve the desired customer experience.

Select furniture & decorSelect furniture & decor

Our Clients

Restaurant interior design firm

Restaurant interior design firm

We help connect all the dots starting from the type of restaurant, brand, location, and available space. Type of ethnic cuisine with interior design styles play a major role in creating a welcoming environment. A team of designers, decorators, architects, carpenters, metal workers, general contract vendors, allow us efficiently to design, approve and build your restaurant.
Located in Brooklyn, NY and Long Island, NY, we proudly serve for over 30 years.

Restaurant interior styles

Design your restaurant to reflect your brand and cuisine menu style fused with the interior schema. A significant challenge is a lack of understanding of how to describe and define their interior design style. We help create a strong narrative that is carried through the details of the design.
Interior design styles: rustic, traditional, modern, contemporary, country, Asian design, and farmhouse.

Restaurant interior styles

What is the address of your establishment?

Restaurant design elements

Create a comfortable and functional restaurant seating area matching an overall design style.


Waiting area

Dining area

Bar and seating



Custom bar design

Matching decor

Matching furniture

Custom furniture

Custom seating

Custom cabinets


Wall decoration

Branding elements

Outdoor decorations

Matching fixtures

Color schema

Restaurant lighting design

Jump-start experience with designing restaurant ambience atmosphere.

Ambient light

Task lighting

Accent lighting

Drum pendant lighting

Floor lamps

Flush & semi-flush lighting

Pendant lighting

Suspension lighting

Table lamps

Wall sconces